UC Berkeley- The Hellman Graduate Awards

On 5th March, 2014, the Graduate Division at UC Berkeley has announced the new Hellman Graduate Awards in order to support the doctoral students who exhibit the capacity for great distinction. This is a new kind of fellowship program, which is having the $1.47 million support from the Hellman Fellows Fund.

Previously the Hellman Fellows Fund had approved UC Berkeley to run Hellman Fellows program to support the research of promising assistant professors. The fund has been providing $250,000 a year for five years, creating individual fellowships to help junior faculty pursue their research passions. Warren Hellman, who was a Berkeley alumnus, established the fund organization. The family of Hellman living in San Francisco has been the continuous support for the University of California, Berkeley since 1995.

The Chancellor Michael Drake emphasized –“UC Irvine appreciates the Hellman Fellows Fund’s generous support and recognition of the enormous potential of our young researchers. Financial assistance such as this is especially meaningful early in a faculty member’s career, when grants can be scarce. Private support is essential to the continuation of our research mission, particularly in the current environment of federal research funding uncertainty.” Over the past 20 years, more than three hundreds faculty have been honored with Hellman Fellows award. Now it will consider the continuing students for having the honor of Hellman Graduate Awards.

The Hellman Fellows Fund has joined hand with the UC, Berkeley to launch this exciting award program. They feel that this new award will surely and significantly provide success to them, who are doing the PhD. Eliot Quataert, who was a Hellman Faculty Fellow in 2003, has said- ‘I think this is a wonderful new program that will enable us to recruit and support some of the top graduate students in the country. I am particularly excited about the prospect of providing research funding via this fellowship for graduate students early in their Berkeley careers.”  Associate Professor of Sociology Irene Bloemraad appreciates – “research money, such as that given to Hellman Faculty Fellows, helped me as an assistant professor to transition from dissertation research to new projects.” 103 of Berkeley professors are engaged to select the candidates for the first generation Hellman Graduate Awards.

Brittany Boyd- The WBCA all region nominee

The woman basket ball player Brittany Boyd has been chosen as one of the nominees to the WBCA (Women’s Basketball Coaches Association) all regions 8. From macros the country, the 52 region nominees would be considered for the 10 member WBCA division 2014. The list of nominees will be placed into consideration for WBCA all America.

The WBCA Division (All America team) will be announced on 5th April during NCAA Women’s Final Four Super Saturday festivities in Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena. Among the four Pac-12 honorees, Boyd is junior player. Boyd is proudly holding the prestige of being a candidate for the Wade Trophy, Naismith Trophy and Wooden Award this season. Boyd is also one of the five finalists for the Nancy Lieberman Award. This is the second consecutive year that Boyd is having all Pac-12 honors. She has ended her junior year averaging 14.7 points, 6.6 rebounds, 6.0 assists and 2.9 steals per game for the Golden Bears.

The Golden Bear is focusing to the NCCA Tournament for the third time. Boyd has earned another feather of pride by having the 10th rank in Pac-12 All Defensive team. She is sharing the honor of averaging at least 14 points in the NCCA this season with other two players. In her last regular season game, Boyd registered just the second triple-double in California history and the 18th in Pac-12 history when she put up 13 points, 14 rebounds and 11 assists against Washington State.

The basket ball coach Lindsay Gottlieb said –“this girl just loves basket ball”. Boyd started her teenage life in Berkeley High School, where she earned All-State honors as a point guard for the Yellowjackets. Once Lindsay had said –‘Brittany came in with tremendous talent from day one, but she had to learn the process of college basketball; the scouting reports, the preparation, how hard you have to go in practice, all the mental aspects.’ From the very beginning day of her freshman season she has been showing the excellence in athletes and sportsmanship. Boyd would wind up finishing her first season averaging 10.2 points and 4.8 assists per game, a stat line that earned her a place on the Pac-12 All-Freshman team.  This was the dedication that is earning the honors for her. On the court and off the court dedication have brought the national recognition. And obviously the coach stroked hard to her.


Chris Anderson’s drone has the dream flight

The CEO and co-founder of 3D Robotics, Chris Anderson has shown the vision that the 2014 is going to be a big year for drone, as his dream drone takes flight. According to him drone, will be there to fly over the head like a pet to collect data for industrial applications. By 2015, the Federal Administration will settle rules for commercial drones.

The 3D Robotics confirms that it will be aided by the $30 million in series B funding. The CEO is eying on the agricultural field, though he thinks that integrating drone to the world of agriculture will be a huge effort and will be a challenge. But it will definitely evolve the definition of contemporary definition of agriculture. He assured – “Now that we’ve made these things work, it’s time to work with them.” Anderson’s fascinations with the world of consumer unmanned aerial vehicles began to manifest itself when the editor started building Lego aircraft with his children, soon growing into a sort of obsession that gave rise to DIY Drones well after his kids lost interest in the matter.

Muñoz ultimately turned to the site as he struggled to improve upon a cheap Chinese RC plane, hacking his way to a better product and posting his efforts online, including a video featuring a Wimote-controlled vehicle that ultimately grabbed Anderson’s attention. The current model of drone from 3D Robotics is called Iris, which looks like insect with four upturned propellers that can be rigged with a leveling arm for a GoPro camera. This modern technology is made in the way that it would be accessible to the average users. 3D robotics is offering on touch Android Application, which will allow the user to control by drawing the path. Anderson confirms that the new drone will open the door of innovations to the companies instead of just using the robotics, as the companies would be able to focus on the application.

Anderson Says –“We’re exactly at that point right now with drones where we’re counting on users and entrepreneurs and developers out there to use these easy-to-use platforms to figure out all those easy-to-use applications,” Anderson said. “It will take a whole industry to figure it out.” Anderson has helped to see the future when the sports teams would use drone to shoot matches in order to monitor crops. Anderson affirms that in near future the sky will be filled with customized drones. As the time passes by people are depend upon the autonomous vehicles and thus drone is a bright answer to the world of future.